“Todd is freakishly talented, delightful to work with and makes you wonder how you ever did anything without him”
– Robyn Butler & Wayne Hope, Gristmill

“Like a song made by a love infused Emily Dickinson on speed”
– Fredrik Öst, SNASK

“He’s a Weapon”
– Paul Taylor, M&C Saatchi


Todd Watts is open to possibility. When he’s confronted with a problem, his natural inclination is to find a creative solution. He doesn’t think just outside the box, he explores its external radius with the optimism of a prospector searching for gold. The only difference between Todd and the prospector is that when he finds gold he uses it to create visual magic for you and your content. 

Todd’s been fine-tuning his craft since childhood. In primary school his Grade 5 teacher commissioned Todd to paint a portrait of Australian cricketing legend Don Bradman. When he wasn’t in the classroom, Todd would shadow his signwriting father in the studio, learning how to create something from nothing with a brushstroke. A little older, Todd started taking on small jobs, creating gig posters for his friends’ bands, which eventually led to studying graphic design and then working for top tier creative and advertising agencies including Snask and M&C Saatchi. 

A watt is a unit of power and with multiple watts to his name, Todd Watts will work powerfully to make eye-widening magic for your creative project.