To be a motocross champion takes skill, courage, strategy, aggression, a will to win, and most of all – heart.

Scoff Griffin, 15, has heart – but does he have the heart to lead? Jenny Chivas, 14, has a will to win – but she needs a will to connect. Bear Wallis, 15, has mad skills you can’t teach – and a wild streak hard to tame. Richie Peterson, 14, has the courage to go after what he wants – but not to take on his parents. Kaden Li, 14, has all the aggression in the world – and all the entitlement to go with it. Angelique Summers, 14, has strategised all her life – just to survive.

Say hello to the first intake for MaveriX. A next-level riding academy designed to supercharge their talents and set them on a course to the big time…

Working with the ACTF, we created a series of action-packed Key-Art for this exciting new children’s TV show. Watch it now on ABC iView, or Netflix worldwide.

Australian Children’s Television Foundation


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