Hardball – Are you ready to play?

When Mikey moves from New Zealand to Western Sydney, he finds himself in the thick of the ultra-competitive, schoolyard game of handball.

After saving a kid on the playground from a wayward ball and finding he has the powerful strike in the world, Mikey is befriended by Jerry and Salwa, who join forces to train him to become a weapon of precision and skill –  equipped to topple resident king of the court, Tiffany, and take home the Western Suburbs handball crown.- if only he could make the ball land in the right

In Series 2 of Hardball, Mikey and the gang go on an epic adventure to win an even more epic state doubles handball tournament (“Staties”). Except for the twin sporting villains, the end of school approaching, and a sweet scholarship opportunity for Mikey that could split up the gang for good. EEEK! The end of primary school is a tough time for kids.

Working with the ACTF team I developed various Key Art for this awesome children’s show!